Outcomes of my complete review of OZEssay business’s options

There are a lot of service providers that offer academic writing services and have a good rating, but today, I decided to tell you the truth about OzEssay.com.au. The website claims to be based in Australia and offers a wide array of writing services. Here you can read my legit review of OZEssay that I prepared based on personal experience. This way, you can learn to steer clear of this scammer.

OzEssay.com.au Services

Even though the website seems to be based in Australia, it caters to students from all over the world. From high school essays to Ph.D. level work, they claim to deliver it all. Apart from academic writing, the website also offers ghostwriting and business writing services.

OzEssay.com.au claims that all its writers are specialists and know what they are doing. Unfortunately, this claim is far away from the truth. I ordered an 8-page essay that was quite simple, but the result was appalling. Yes, the content was filled with factual, grammatical and readability errors. Even the sentences looked to be written by a non-native English speaker as they had a poor vocabulary and structural errors.

Steep Prices

The pricing structure of the website seems good enough if you get quality work. Sadly, the quality of the content I got was not worth the money I paid, i.e., about 150 dollars. I am quite sure that the company didn’t pay more than 30 dollars to the writer who did the job as the quality was too poor. I understand that quality comes at a price and I would have called it value for the money if the content was good enough. But it wasn’t the case.

Minimal Discounts

If you are using the services of Oz Essay for the first time, then you may get a small discount if you manage to find the right promo code or coupon codes. The company also claims that returning customers are free to ask for a discount. In my opinion, these discounts are worthless because you don’t receive quality work that can get you an A at school.

Poor Customer Support

The customer support of OZ Essay is limited to only sharing details about discounts or coupon codes. They can’t help you get a refund if you are dissatisfied. You will only get monotonous answers that they are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Feedback from Students

To verify that OzEssay.com.au is not a reliable service provider, I looked for customer reviews, testimonials, and student feedback online. I was shocked to learn that many students were being cheated by them. One student reported that the book review he requested from the company was not done thoroughly as the writer couldn’t understand the essence.

Another one reported that he/she got bad grades at school when submitting a paid paper. One user even claimed that the quality was way below average as compared to the price. Though the company delivered the work on time, the result was quite worthless.

I sincerely hope that this review would help you to stay away from OzEssay.com.au. I also hope that you will make a better decision about finding a top academic writing service. The purpose of this review is to make sure you hire the right service provider and stay away from scammers that are waiting for an opportunity to cheat you.

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