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How to Write a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide

We also advise candidates to avoid listing their hobbies or interests. Focus instead on the experience and skills that make you suitable for the job you’re applying for. The exceptions occur when you have limited relevant experience or if the employer specifically asks applicants to list hobbies. In these cases, keep it brief. Avoid anything that could be contentious, such as political affiliations, and instead show how your personality is suited to that of the organisation. For example, consider listing a hobby that requires expertise relevant to the role, such as organisational or communication skills.

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How to write a resume: template and tips

Resume writing can be a daunting prospect when starting your job search, particularly if it has been a long time since you last entered the job market or if you are looking for your first professional role. Your resume, along with your cover letter, is what a potential employer uses to make their first judgement about you.

Knowing how to write a resume will help you stand out from all the other applicants and reach the interview shortlist. Your resume must demonstrate that you possess most or all the criteria required in the job. Tailor your resume for each position you apply for by expanding on your experience relevant to the job and cutting back the less relevant parts.

Follow our tips for updating your resume

CV versus resume – what’s the difference?

Traditionally, a CV referred to a comprehensive (up to six pages) account of your entire professional life, while a resume was a summary (up to two pages) of your education, skills and work experience. However, in more modern times, the need for a lengthy overview of your career history has become redundant, with a hiring company instead expecting a two-page summary. At the same time, people began to use the two terms reciprocally. Now, whether you call your career overview a ‘CV’ or ‘resume’, it has no bearing on your chance of reaching an interview shortlist.

Think of your CV as your own living, breathing personal pitch – a pitch that succinctly answers all the questions a recruiter or hiring manager has about you. The degree to which you present the reader with the information they require to make an informed decision can determine whether you are invited to interview.

This includes why you are applying for this job, with this organisation and in this industry, what value you can bring to the organisation and whether you have what is required to be successful in the role.

Write a standout resume headline

A resume headline is a concise, one-line description of who you are as a candidate. A well-written headline can grab a recruiter’s attention and encourage them to take a more detailed look at your qualifications.


Your headline is a short but powerful addition to your resume, often the first thing a recruiter reads. Take advantage of the opportunity to make a strong first impression. It’s also another opportunity to include a specific job title or keyword that might be used to sort your resume in the ATS.

Resume headline tips:

A resume builder like no other

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Visual character, templates and first impressions

We choose our clothes for an interview with care, why shouldn’t we put the same effort into the appearance of our resume? It’s our primary ambassador before any sort of physical meeting, a first impression that will live long in the hiring manager’s memory.

According to a study done by TheLadders, recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds glancing at a resume before moving on to another one (as we mentioned in our profession-specific guides and examples ). During this short time, a subconscious decision is often made based on the “looks” of your resume. If it’s clean and beautiful, the hiring manager will infer a number of positive traits about your personality.

You can create your own templates, but unless you’re a professional designer, it may be best to rely on field-tested visuals. Templates project a certain character and mood with their design: they can emphasize creativity, dependability, discipline and other qualities.

4+ Effective Resume Examples

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How to Write a Convincing Cover Letter

Most job-seekers flinch when they hear that they have to write a cover letter. What do you even mention in a cover letter, anyway? If you were good at writing cover letters, you’d be applying for a writing job!

You should think of a cover letter as a direct message to the hiring manager. You get to briefly explain why you’re such an awesome fit for the position. When we put it that way, it doesn’t sound as hard, does it?

  • Introduce yourself (and leave an impression) – As a start, give a brief run-down on your work experience and mention why you’re interested in working for the company you’re applying for. You can also mention 1-2 of your top professional achievements to leave a good first impression.
  • Explain how you’d excel at the job – Identify the top 3 requirements in the job ad. Then, dedicate one paragraph to explaining how you fulfil each requirement. So for example, if the requirement is “Facebook Advertising Experience,” mention how you have done Facebook ads in the past and how you’ve excelled at it.
  • Wrap it up and say thanks – Thank the reader for reading your cover letter and propose the next steps. For example, “If you’d like to know more about my experience with Project XYZ, I’d love to chat!”


Does writing a cover letter still seem a bit complicated? Well, it is – to really explain everything you need to know about cover letters, we’d have to write a completely new guide on the topic. Which we did – thank us later! If you want to learn more about writing a cover letter, check out our full guide. Or if you need some extra inspiration, check out these 5+ cover letter examples.

How to Ace Your Next Interview

Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, you probably hate the interviewing process. After all, sitting there while someone’s prodding into your past experiences and judging the hell out of you isn’t the most fun experience.

Did you know, though, that most interviewers ask the same questions? Yep – all you have to do is learn how to answer some of the most common interview questions, and you’ll be an interview away from landing your dream job!


Outcomes of my complete review of OZEssay business’s options

There are a lot of service providers that offer academic writing services and have a good rating, but today, I decided to tell you the truth about The website claims to be based in Australia and offers a wide array of writing services. Here you can read my legit review of OZEssay that I prepared based on personal experience. This way, you can learn to steer clear of this scammer. Services

Even though the website seems to be based in Australia, it caters to students from all over the world. From high school essays to Ph.D. level work, they claim to deliver it all. Apart from academic writing, the website also offers ghostwriting and business writing services. claims that all its writers are specialists and know what they are doing. Unfortunately, this claim is far away from the truth. I ordered an 8-page essay that was quite simple, but the result was appalling. Yes, the content was filled with factual, grammatical and readability errors. Even the sentences looked to be written by a non-native English speaker as they had a poor vocabulary and structural errors.

Steep Prices

The pricing structure of the website seems good enough if you get quality work. Sadly, the quality of the content I got was not worth the money I paid, i.e., about 150 dollars. I am quite sure that the company didn’t pay more than 30 dollars to the writer who did the job as the quality was too poor. I understand that quality comes at a price and I would have called it value for the money if the content was good enough. But it wasn’t the case.

Minimal Discounts

If you are using the services of Oz Essay for the first time, then you may get a small discount if you manage to find the right promo code or coupon codes. The company also claims that returning customers are free to ask for a discount. In my opinion, these discounts are worthless because you don’t receive quality work that can get you an A at school.

Poor Customer Support

The customer support of OZ Essay is limited to only sharing details about discounts or coupon codes. They can’t help you get a refund if you are dissatisfied. You will only get monotonous answers that they are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Feedback from Students

To verify that is not a reliable service provider, I looked for customer reviews, testimonials, and student feedback online. I was shocked to learn that many students were being cheated by them. One student reported that the book review he requested from the company was not done thoroughly as the writer couldn’t understand the essence.

Another one reported that he/she got bad grades at school when submitting a paid paper. One user even claimed that the quality was way below average as compared to the price. Though the company delivered the work on time, the result was quite worthless.

I sincerely hope that this review would help you to stay away from I also hope that you will make a better decision about finding a top academic writing service. The purpose of this review is to make sure you hire the right service provider and stay away from scammers that are waiting for an opportunity to cheat you.

Read this evaluation if you need to have tips on the subject of products coming from

 Options Presented supplies all the stuff starting from academic services to career and business composing. So whether or not you might need a document to pass on the term, a fresh cover letter to add to your resume or copywriting offerings, they will be effective to provide a broad choice of products. In terms of quality, we can say that we weren’t unhappy. The essay that we requested whilst all too easy to do, was great. We located no grammatical errors, no structure mistakes, no peculiar phrasings – it was distinct that the person who composed this essay was a native in the English language. We didn’t even have to turn for a revision considering the fact that it was really most appropriate! Furthermore, we had the chance of talking to our copywriter – and we really held close contact. She would frequently say to us the status of our document would reply instantaneously and would continually be especially polite.


 The Client Workers

Multiple times we examined the client help of specified companies. We were answered by grumpy cats that merely were aware of what to tell us responded slowly or were being fuzzy. All the time, we sensed that they were hoping to leave the line and stay clear of the pesky users that kept annoying them. This wasn’t the situation for Sigma Essays. The consumer service team was at all times well-mannered with us and incredibly calm whatsoever we requested. We questioned them several questions, and they at all times have also been up to the mark – mainly because their replies were really specific and useful. It’s no surprise consumers continued praising their consumer team members on various evaluations – they’re most certainly top-ranking.


The Prices Strategy

The pricing on SigmaEssays are pretty pleasing when you match up it with the stage of grade that we obtained. We spent $15 for a page which would ordinarily fall within the traditional. Nonetheless, when placed beside our knowledge about this organization, we consider this price to be a true bargain. As well as, first-time consumers get 15% discount rates on their order while customers will get coupons or a promo code to enhance the request a lot more.


At the end, we can point out that we encourage this service with all our heart. The crew is well-prepared, the copywriters are especially gifted, and the costs are really beneficial. It without a doubt isn’t fraud or scam, as a report from them would undeniably create you a very good grade. Our rate for SigmaEssays is undoubtedly at the very least “Superior.”

Which Writing Services Students Prefer Most in 2017

Once graduate learners will need article writing support, they should differentiate quality, price tag, and timeliness. Not many article writing website has the right stuff to match the demands of graduate students. Several accentuate huge pricing giving price reductions and bonus coupon codes. Alas a coupon code only is unable to compensate for bad quality writing. In the same vein, a company may perhaps gain amazing consumer examinations regarding article writing standard, but have pricing that are merely tremendous.

That being said, what can working, overloaded graduate university students do? He or she can continue reading! We’ve examined consumer opinions, checked out just about every review article I may identify, and researched web sites of hundreds of academic composing service providers. The next 5 organizations meet up with our status guidelines to gain an area on our top 5 number of article writing companies for graduate learners. Don’t merely are these not a fraud or scam, they go far above to match graduate college students’ exceptional school expectations.

  1. EssayPro

University students trying to find complex degrees should look at for their mindful consumer support and expertise to send urgent jobs speedily. Not surprisingly they supply a few offerings to graduate university students. Some options include capstone papers, research summaries, and personal statements.


  1. EssayShark

Learners shouldn’t ignore as it is last on our list. This is certainly nevertheless a fairly good written content firm with a lot of offerings for graduate university students. Takes into account personal statements, research documents, critiques, school essay freelance writing, thesis, and dissertation services.


  1. GrabMyEssay

I am putting in this article simply because they have earned a name between students for giving significant quality educational writing in a few of the most advanced topics in universities. They present a couple of services meant precisely towards graduate university students. These comprise of capstone assignments, private statements, and thesis and dissertation help.



  1. Bid4Papers

I am convinced that is value graduate learners’ awareness too. They utilize a multitude of article authors with outstanding experience in a number of college specialties. This makes sure that students can receive the scholastic guidance that they require in spite of major. Features obtainable contain documents, capstone projects, thesis and dissertation help, research essays, and others. Options are delivered to college students up to and as well as PhD stage.


  1. WritingElites concentrates on two of the options that graduate students request most. This is thesis and dissertation article writing. They have academic experts who can help learners seeking leading-edge diplomas having almost any step of thesis and dissertations. For instance analysis, building tools, and getting ready for the process of defending the thesis or dissertation in front of a school committee.



Any one of these top 5 writing firms for graduate students are worthwhile awareness. I desire graduate college students consider these if they require educational help.